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Ok so, boom!

I am Kaleel Joy, aka the “Lace Professor,” Raised in the Carolinas, living in Dallas, TX, and visiting all over! I strive to keep my 

clients “edgucated,” never hesitating to keep their lace right in place, while maintaining a pretty smile on their face!

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Kaleel Joy

Taking off in 2020, I did not imagine how much JOY hair would bring to my life. I’ve played in hair from baby dolls to friends in college 

since I was in elementary school. I never did it in the limelight of others until I got into college. I MANAGED thRough college 

a pandemic and not being able to walk a stage that I anticipated for 5 years. I contemplated for a short period of time after 

accepting my job offer in Dallas, TX on what I wanted my life to look like. Being a hair stylist was my number one passion besides

dancing and cheerleading. In June 2020, I installed my first lace front wig and when I say it was horrifying… it was indeed a sight not

to be seen. At this point, I had neglected my aspirations of ever being a hair stylist. Fast forward to november 2020, I quit my 

job with no plans of future income. I trusted God that he would make a way, however He seen fit. I decided to go public with my 

passion of hair and sure enough, it took off!

and graduated in 2020 to be an Elementary School Teacher, however, that was not God’s plan. I felt horrible after graduating during

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My Mother

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Since indulging in this breathtaking passion of mine since November 2020, my happiness and relationship with my mother has improved 

significantly. As any other family, there are problems that members face, and to be honest, the problems I faced with my mother 

bothered me more than anything and I didn’t know why until I had a dream one night before 2021. During this dream, my mother was 

doing hair in a hallway as I was watching her from afar. Long story short, I was awakened with tears and immediately called her. We 

chatted about how much she did hair when she was younger and other topics. During this chat, I felt how close we really are and my 

mother told me, “You want it with ease, you want it with the quickness, and you want it to be SLAYED! But, I know you’ll figure it all

out.” Ever since then, I have put my ALL into securing this passion of mine!

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